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For months I have been receiving so many questions about our Endy Mattress. Today I’m sharing some Q&A and how much we love it! Drew and I first received our queen sized mattress, queen sized pillows and sheets last October. It’s been such a dream (literally) to have this mattress to ourselves every night. I remember the first day it arrived how exciting it was to quickly open and set up. Our first night we slept on it and looked at each other in the morning asking the same question “How did you sleep?” We both answered the same way. When we fell for Endy we both fell hard!

Endy is Canada’s best-selling online mattress. Proudly Canadian made and making their way into a lot of homes across Canada. Endy’s foam mattress is unlike any others. Providing the perfect balance of comfort and support, pressure relief for our tired bodies, helping you get a better night sleep for the big day ahead of you!

Sleep is so important and sometimes we walk around like we feel good and our bodies feel good but what we might not know is that those minor aches, pains or headaches could be pillow and mattress related. For myself, I use to wake up almost every morning to little headaches. I thought it was me! But as soon as I started sleeping on my Endy Mattress and Pillows I noticed a HUGE difference in the way my body feels every morning. Literally night and day!

Unlike other mattress’s Endy is temperature insensitive and holds a consistent heat all year-long no matter the temperature outside. The foams open air cell technology enhances breathability and cooling throughout the night. Perfect for Drew! It’s out first time sleeping on a foam mattress and Endy is actually the perfect firmness and curves with your body and helps support every spot. Every time your husband rolls out of bed you will not even feel it. It’s also motion transfer resistant! THANK YOU ENDY!

A few facts and things you should also know…..

  • Canadian made and manufactured. Go Canada!
  • Proprietary foam is temperature insensitve, maintains temperature all year long.
  • Foam incorporates advanced open air cell technology to enhance comfort and support
  • Foam minimizes motion transfer
  • Foam is CertiPUR-US certified; no formaldehyde, phthalates or flame retardants
  • Shipping is FREE to any province in Canada
  • 10 year warranty
  • 100 night trial period with easy return

Questions & Answers From Us:


  1. Do You Honestly Love Your Endy?
  2. Yes, we both honestly love our Endy. It did take a couple of nights to adjust to the different mattress but once we got used to it, we can’t sleep without it. If we stay overnight on a different mattress it’s the worst feeling! haha We crave our bed so much when we’re away.2. Was It Easy To Open?100% the easiest package I’ve ever opened. It may seem like a lot to set up at first but it’s really not. You simply open the box and inside comes a sharp tool to open up the plastic and then it easily rolls out onto your frame. DONE!3. Did It Come Straight To Your Door?It definitely did. Super easy right to your door delivery!4. Do You Recommend Pillows Or Sheets?

    Highly recommend them both, if you’re going to splurge then I would do it at Endy where the quality is there!

    5.What Are The Pillows Like?

    The pillows are amazing! Hands down. They are hypo-allergenic, 100% cotton covered and the height can be adjusted. Inside you’ll find small bamboo charcoal memory foam. You can take some out to adjust to what you need for support at night! They also come with a mesh pouch so you can use it as a travel pillow or just to store the pieces your not using.

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Keisha Lynne, xx

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