There’s SNOW Time Like The Present

I feel like that’s been life’s motto lately, there’s no time like the present. Recently, I’ve been doing much more of that. With quitting my job and being home with the kids and Drew. Working from home has been somewhat of a new balance for me. One that I’m still trying to get use to. When I think about it for the last 15 years (minus maternity leaves) I’ve always worked, I’ve always worked outside of the home. That has been my forever routine. 

I have always loved the fact that during the week I got to leave the house and have adult interaction. I never thought that I would enjoy staying home as much as I do. Don’t get me wrong I’m still working and I’m still facing challenges, all new ones of course. As much as I love every minute of it, the kids do still drive me absolutely insane! Sneaking away to work in my office is impossible except for nap time or bed time. So yes I’m still up until 1am every night even though I said I wouldn’t! It’s actually my best working hours, I don’t understand it! haha

Owen and Ella, of course adore the fact that I’m home more and more present in the moment with them and not scattered like a crazy person. I find that lately life has felt more present and I feel like it’s to short to waste time doing something you don’t love or living a course that isn’t making you happy. I’m happy with my decision even though a few days flew by where I doubted it. Being home with everyone makes it all feel worth it. Busy blog or not!

But it is busy, my plate is still more full then ever. I’ve been working even more hours to be honest on the blog then I did at the spa. Trying to maintain and focus on building it up. The fact that I do see a huge difference makes me soo happy to announce some really great campaigns and partnerships already this year and it’s only February!!

Having time to spend quality days with my friends has been amazing and so uplifting so I’m still getting that adult time in. Not always saying NO to them or creative shoot days has been amazing. I love those kinds of days like these photos with Rebecca Lynn and our surprise snow we had the other day. We spontaneously took advantage of it and had so much fun while doing so!

Moral of this update is that There’s No Time Like The Present to do what you want, to achieve what you want, to make it happen, to be more present, to enjoy life to the fullest, to cuddle and hug a little longer with your babies and to do what gives you happiness and joy in life!

Photography | Rebecca Lynn Photography

Florals | Sophias Flower Shop

Necklace | Raquel Rosalie

Keisha Lynne, xx



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