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I have a challenge for you. Look around your home, your kids rooms, your garage…and tell me, how many boxes of unused or outgrown items you have that belong to your children? If your like us over here, then your answer will probably be A LOT. We accumulate so many children’s items over the years, that they have either stopped loving or have outgrown OR just stop needing. Until recently we would stare at it trying to figure out what to do with it. Debating selling it or keeping it just in case? In reality, we most likely won’t use. 

Slowly, I’ve started picking away at the clutter and selling it on an iPhone/Android app Reshopper . It’s super quick and easy to use, just download it in your app store, sign in and create a profile begin to sell. It recently launched in Canada, first taking Denmark by storm, created by 4 smart thinking dads with all of our same problem. Trying to de-clutter and let go of the items we just don’t need anymore.

It can reach up to however many kilometres you set it for, so even if your travelling far away you can set in the place and it will show you all the items for sale in the area. Now, the real trick is to make sure you sell things off when your kids aren’t looking, so maybe while they’re in school so they can’t try to sneak it back into their rooms haha and second to make sure you make items your selling are presentable to the eye and catch that buyer with a clean, crisp photo!

I’ve been playing around with different selling features and I honestly think that if you take a nice photo in a neutral, clean space it will sell faster than you think. Just think about it while your scrolling, your eye always catches a item that pops out nicely to you. You want to know that whatever your buying has been gently used and in good looking condition! Think neutral backgrounds and clean items. Maybe even freshen them up by adding a pop of fun, a plant or garland! Something to make it a little more fun and pretty to look at!

I have left a couple sample images here for you to see and to try yourself the next time you start to de-clutter the unwanted goods from your kids. Reach for Reshopper where you know that you can buy and also sell all kids things!

Check out the app here..  Reshopper App | Reshopper Canada Instagram | Reshopper Facebook

Keisha Lynne, xx


*Disclaimer; all thoughts are of my own on Loving Littles Blog, not influenced. Although I have been compensated by the company I still believe in the product.


  1. I appreciate this. Although it’s not available where I am, I think it’s a fantastic resource! I’m donating my children’s clothes to a garage sale for a friend’s missionary trip, but if it opens here I’ll definitely consider it! Thank you for posting.

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