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Habits and routine! It’s usually so hard to get them going but once you do, it’s hard to remember a time when you didn’t do them. It’s December, the Christmas month. It’s a given we eat whatever, whenever. It’s so tough to avoid when theres so much to munch on. But at the end of the day when you add it all up, makes ya feel a little queasy. Your belly starts to tell you, maybe that wasn’t the greatest idea! It’s just a friendly reminder that tying to find some healthy routine with Renew Life feels a million times better.

I’ve been working with Renew Life for some time now and I take their pro-biotics daily. I defiantly notice a huge difference with my digestive system when I take them. And as a busy mom I often forget to take care of myself. My children come first. I have to remind myself that when I’m taking care of my little ones to do the same for me. It is something that I always have close by and always in reach to remind myself to take when I need it!

Getting outside and having that fresh air, cold or warm always feels so refreshing. Recently I received the Bella Leaf Beat necklace. It helps me keep track of my health and exercise with every heartbeat and step. I’m also playing around with different healthy meal ideas and picking up different cookbooks like The Keto Diet to make sure we’re getting all the nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy.

I challenge you to try these methods for the next 30 days and see where it takes you. Being more conscious with your intake and daily exercise to create your healthy habits!

Keisha Lynne, xx

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