10 Reasons Why I Blog & Why You Should To

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10 Reasons Why I Blog & Why You Should To

I’ve been putting some thought into this lately. I’m sure I’m not alone. We all go back and forth in our heads the many reasons why we started our blog and what helped push us. It’s not always the most glamorous or easiest but it’s something we enjoy doing and for the reasons listed below. It isn’t something that you would normally think to just start on a whim and have it become successful, at least that wasn’t my intention when I first started. For myself, it started just as a hobby blog to write my inner thoughts. Then it suddenly grew! 

Well, I shouldn’t say suddenly. It took a lot of work, determination & many late nights working away to get where I got. But it’s been fun for me and I notice with more and more messages from people asking me how to start & what pushed me to begin, I realize that blogging is on the rise. And for a pleasantly good reason!

I recently celebrating year 2 of blogging. I’ve been reflecting on the good and bad. Those details for another day… I’m remembering why I started, who I am and what I have accomplished. All of them make me happy and feel very thankful to experience!

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If starting a blog, any sort of blog or even becoming an influencer has been on your mind lately and you’ve been debating it for the same reasons I did in the beginning well STOP and just do it! I’m here to help push you & inspire you to create something for yourself. I’m here to be a full fledge cheerleader for you, creating my brand Loving Littles Blog has been a big passion in my life and for the reasons listed below….

10 Reasons Why I Blog & Why You Should To:

1.Connecting & Networking:

If there’s one thing that I have learnt on this journey is how important it is to connect with others. People you don’t even know, if you share a similar interest in something then strict up a conversation with them. Join networking groups in your area and mingle with like minded friends who you can relate with. It makes the journey so much more smoother!

2. Learning New Things:

I’m ALWAYS learning new things and continuing to grow. I’m always researching and finding inspiration in little things to help the wheels moving. I love the ability to learn and create with my passions in life.

3. Cheap Therapy:

I remember the stage of transitioning from one child to having two, it was difficult to say the least. I remember thinking that I just couldn’t clean the house any longer or sit in front of the tv. I had to do something, thats when blogging came to mind. Spending all of those days building up post partum anxiety, friends disappearing. Blogging became a place for me to write down my personal struggles, thoughts and feelings. It felt so good…

4. Mama Hobby:

I absolutely adore my children but mama needed a hobby. This is the perfect outlet for me to indulge in late at night or when I’m feeling bored. It pushes me to grow and break out of my comfort zone. Giving me more confidence and happiness! Letting me be myself dig down deep and express myself in creative ways.

5. Supporting Moms:

I remember thinking a while back how great it felt to meet other moms struggling with the same stages in motherhood with our children. It was a wonderful feeling to have with Ella growing up, something I wasn’t so fortunate with when I had Owen. It’s a wonderful feeling to have a support system of mothers beside me. It has opened a door for me to help support others as well.

6. Building Community:

Blogging has helped me have a better understanding for our community and be able to support local shops & businesses. Hearing how their world works & creating insight into supporting local & small!

7. Collaborating:

Collaborations is where it’s at. Meeting new people, discovering new brands. Connecting and creating something together as a team is so inspirational & motivating to both sides. To be able to build something beautiful together having a connection is the strongest of team work you can find in this industry. I’m always striving to do more and be more.

8. Opens Doors For My Family:

Many things have come for my family through blogging. New fun adventures to learning about new products that can help our family. Extra income is such a bonus extra! We are very thankful for everything that we have gained from this experience and it feels good as a mother to provide things for my family that I may not have been able to in the past!

9. Personal Growth:

Everyone starts small and works their way up, it’s rewarding to see progress slowly. I’m always setting goals up for myself and reaching them. It’s exciting to think of all my accomplishments and my drive is so full forced that nothings stopping me. The pleasure I get out of reaching every goal keeps me going! I realize my worth and that is key in this industry.

10. My Own Brand:

When I first starting to put together Loving Littles Blog, I said to Drew “Who cares, no ones going to read it anyhow” and his response, being the gentlemen he is… “Who fucking cares, if its something for you then what does it matter what!” Point taken & accepted. haha He was right. I started my brand for me & now I see how much it helps others and the joy it brings along with it. It’s the best feeling in the world to have created something so little into something much bigger then I expected. Don’t doubt yourself and create your own brand for you!

I encourage you to take Drew’s advice please. You’ll be so happy you did! Forget about the judgement from others & be any type of blogger you wanna be. Research what ways work best for you and go from there. Do what makes you and your family happy & even if it’s just finding a healthy balance between both worlds. Create something for you & do it to make yourself happy! Thats when you’ll start noticing your accomplishments and crushing goals!

If your ever in need of some advice, tips or just to talk please feel free to contact me!

Keisha Lynne, xx




  1. I can tell you, I wanted to do blogging for so long but kept making excuses. I started in 2011 then shut it down. I only just started back in June of this year. Blogging gives me a place of release, like you I learn alot and while I\’m in between jobs, it gives me something productive to do. Love your post!

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