5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Kids Strawberry Picking


5 Reasons To Take Your Kids Strawberry Picking

Strawberry picking is something that I haven’t done since I was a little, little girl. It was always a little tradition we would do with my grandmother, her backyard was always filled with berries and occasionally we’d go u-pick. After playing with the idea of taking our own kids to Maan Farms U-Pick, Drew & I finally committed this weekend and did it. Mind you we picked one of the hottest days ever!

There are so many good reasons to take your children to Maan Farms U-Pick. We enjoyed this local family grown farm on so many levels. First it’s close to home and has that nice homey feel to it! There is so much for the kids to do & explore there, being able to let them roam free in the Strawberry & Raspberries to the petting zoo to the playground! Plus, moms & dads sneak in a little peak of the wine they have…

Remembering back to your childhood and how much fun you had is such an exciting feeling especially being able to recreate it for your own children.

I’m sharing 5 reasons why I think you should take your kids & your whole family Strawberry Picking. 

LovingLittlesMaanFarm221. Run Wild. I love letting our kids run wild, letting them be free to be the kids that they are. Mind you not destroying the place, but getting dirty, exploring fields & the fruit. Reminding them that there’s so much to learn & see!

LovingLittlesMaanFarm132. The importance of supporting our local farmers & growers. Teaching them where they’re food comes from how it’s grown and the work that goes into it! It always benefits anyone to be more knowledgeable about this and how important it is to buy/shop homegrown.

LovingLittlesMaanFarm253. Creating memories. The best part really, is creating those family memories that will go with your kids as they grow older. Most of mine are spending quality time in quiet with my mother & grandmother just talking and joking around!

LovingLittlesMaanFarm124. The best strawberries you’ll ever have! Seriously though, the best are the farm grown berries.


5. It’s FUN. When the weather is good, your well hydrated & kids are fully napped it can be soo soo fun. Watching them pick the berries and be proud of they’re work. Plus, watching them sneak in some bites once they realize they can eat & pick!

Make sure to check out & follow Maan Farms to find out more on the farm and the experience. Keep up to date with the latest events and what’s in season. Currently you can find Strawberries & soon Raspberries!

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  1. I love strawberry picking! it´s so much fun. I always did it with my parents when I was a child

  2. We haven\’t done this because our kids were so small all I\’d do is chase them but this year…I think this is it! Great reasons that have encouraged me to get them out there. Beautiful photos. Thanks!

  3. My parents used to take me strawberry picking all the time, it\’s something I looked forward to as a child. I remember always getting sick from eating too much strawberrie swhile picking though lol..

  4. Hi, as a child I used to look forward to strawberry picking every year. Our freezer would then be packed full of berries. I still love it today as a grown up.

  5. Look at that cutiepie! Im sure they will remember this day forever! I still cherish the memories of my father taking me strawberry picking!

  6. Strawberry picking seems like a great Summer family outing as you exhibited in your pictures. The berries look so fresh and vibrant. The little one looks like she is really enjoying those strawberries!

  7. Couldn\’t agree more on those list! I agree that we need to help the local farmers and also creating memories with your little one. Savor every moment while kids are still young.


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