Straight Outta My Twenties…


Straight Outta My Twenties…

Owen and I had a pretty funny talk yesterday this is how it went….

Me: “Owen I wish I could be 29 forever, I don’t want to be 30.”

Owen: “Well what can we do to make that happen?”

Me: “Let’s think of some ideas!”

Owen: “We could build a time machine and take you back to when you were 20!?”

Me: “No, because you weren’t born then.”

Owen: “Ok, we could take you back to when you were 28?”

Me: “No, Ella would still be in my belly and not out yet!”

Owen: “Hmmmm. Your turning 30”

So there you have it, no time machine was built. Nothing was done to solve this problem because as much as 30 might scare me just a little, everything in my 20’s that I loved so much has brought me to this day. I moved across country, I had my baby boy, finished my aesthetics course, working full time at a spa, had my baby girl, got engaged, started a successful blog, bought a home, got married in front of all my loved ones, family trip of four to Nova Scotia for the first time ever! I’d say my 20’s were pretty darn good to me!

Probably why I’m a tad bit scared to leave them. I have also learnt some crazy ass lessons leading up to this day. I have also totally come to the conclusion that everything my mother warned me of when she was this age is all coming to bite me in the ass… and save my ass at the same time! My utter embarrassment of watching her pluck her chin hairs in the car mirror has now become my life! Sorry mom, I’m now carrying on the tradition!? haha

After much debate inside my head & my mothers reassurance that 30’s are the best, I know that only greater things are waiting around the corner!

Cheers to 30!

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Straight Outta My Twenties Tee | Jotis LABEL Instagram | Facebook

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I have to give a huge shout out to Bobo & Pinky for whipping up matching leather leggings for Ella & I. They are amazing! Learn a little more about them here!

“The original concept of Bobo and Pinky was an online high-end kids consignment shop! As a mom to twin boys I liked the idea of creating a shopping experience for other parents who were busy and could shop from the comfort of their own home! But as the business grew, so did the concept…more and more local handmade vendors started contacting me to come on board and I knew that was the direction the business had to go!

Juggling both the secondhand and handmade items was not doable and the handmade items were taking off so I knew it was time to re-brand! I absolutely love working with all my talented vendors and getting to represent their work and make custom ideas come to life with my customers! This business has really opened up my eye to the vast amount of local talent that exists in BC and the amazing people behind the scenes to create each piece! I’ve also had fun creating Bobo and Pinky’s own line of clothing such as the pleather leggings!

Follow Bobo & Pinky:

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Keisha Lynne, xx

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