Pamper Your Brows At Bee Pampered


Pamper Your Brows At Bee Pampered

Beauty trends are bigger than ever. Hottest trend right now, getting those brows full, big & beautiful with Micro-blading! I admit, this is all new to me and when I first met Adelle from Bee Pampered, I was super giddy to learn more about this new trending service.

14961427_10157658124330394_1902784657_nMeet Adelle Young, she’s the owner, esthetician and micro-blading expert at Bee Pampered. Her and her family are nestled in a cozy little area in Fort Langley, B.C and she runs her company in a little extra space behind her home! At Bee Pampered you’ll not only see micro-blading but a whole list of other services.

I had the pleasure of having my micro blading experience in October with Adelle. She was the sweetest & so genuine, she made me feel so at home when I walked through the doors. I was of course slightly nervous. The thought of anything with a blade freaks me out but she reassured me that I would be ok! The blade is very tiny and gets dipped in the dye then lightly strokes your skin and adds that extra look a like hair! Watching how clean she was made me feel really relaxed. Everything is extremely sanitary and really clean. Clean things were being cleaned again! It was awesome.

image-4It started with the colour match. Yay! Then the outline of my brows. She made sure I was completely happy with them before we begun. Proceeding to the numbing cream, after letting it sit for a little bit she started with the first brow.. Just a few strokes on each and then applied more numbing cream to really make sure I didn’t feel to much pain. After a few more minutes of letting it soak in she got right to work. After literally 15-20 minutes she was done! Viola!

She did warn me about the healing process, that they get darker before they lighten up a bit & when it starts to heal you’ll feel a slight itch but not to scratch and to make sure to keep them from getting to dry. It really is a painless and easy process with incredible results. Adelle really knows her stuff, she’s quick but extremely thorough and is really in tune with making sure you feel comfortable. My first appointment I remember the blade making the strokes had a slight sound that bugged me so she grabbed her headphones for me to listen to and I felt so much better!

Just this last Saturday I went in for my quick touch up. They still looked good as new! She quickly added a few and I was good to go. Lasting up to 1-3 years! How cool is that! No touch ups until then, no drawing them in or tinting. Wake up and go… I get compliments daily on how great they look and I totally send them to Adelle’s direction. I trust her and so should you for perfect brows!

Just a warning she books up fast so be sure to follow Bee Pampered and stay up to date with booking appointments, neat little informative videos and before and after photos of her work. If this is something you’ve been debating, I suggest booking your appointment with her today! You will not be disappointed with her work. Also she’s willing to answer any questions you may have before any appointment so connect and learn more like I did! Good Luck beauty queens






Right after touch up!
Three days after first appointment.
One Month after first appointment.
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Day after touch up. LOVE THEM!

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Keisha lynne, xx

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