Collaboration | The How To’s + Why


Collaboration | The How To’s + Why

Last night I spent the evening public speaking for the very first time on my own. The thought defiantly  made me a little nervous, but I’m so happy that I conquered that fear. I stepped out of my comfort zone and got right into it. The evening turned out to be so much  fun & a great experience. Not only did I teach things but I also gained some new things as well, it became an open discussion to throw back and forth ideas, tips & experiences.

It was a night dedicated to Collaborating The How To’s + Why. For both buisness’s and blogs, everyone can benefit from a good collaboration, and there’s truth in the saying ‘Power in numbers.’ It’s all about gathering like minded individuals and creating something amazing using all of your talents. It’s about creating new ideas and watching what you’ve envisioned come together. It’s such a rewarding feeling.

I love to collaborate. I love to meet new people near or far. To learn about them, what they do & how they make it happen. It’s a powerful thing collaboration, blogger or not you can make the greatest things happen! I wouldn’t have expanded my horizon if it wasn’t for connecting with other such as buisness’s & bloggers. Bloggers need bloggers to!

I’m dishing out some of the details that were discussed at last nights Fraser Valley Boss Ladies event…

 Above all don’t ever fear the word ‘NO’, because it’s really just a word.

Why Collaborate:

  • Exposure – The more the merrier, and the more working on a collab the more it’s going to be tagged & shared. Meaning the more people that are going to view it bringing in a whole new audience for yourself! Whether it’s giveaways, guest posts, dedications or Instagram takeovers everyone benefits in the exposure.
  • Knowledge Is Power – Not only can you share your knowledge but you can also gain it to through collaboration. Each one that I’ve been apart of I learnt something new & taught it as well.
  • Challenge – It often helps you challenge yourself. Sometimes we get stuck in a slump and can’t get out. Collaborating pushes you to do your best and make something bigger than you ever thought you could.
  • Fun – It’s all about having FUN while everyone meets their goals!
  • Inspiration – When I get together with other like minded peers it always leaves me feeling so inspired and motivated to create more and the urge to do more! When more people come together the more ideas get brought up and helps to open up to new things that you wouldn’t normally think about.
  • Friendships – It’s about making friends. Meeting & connecting with others. I have met SO many wonderful individuals from collaborating, most of which have become my very best friends. Not only do I make friends but it also has given my family some new friends. Playdates are the best!!

Comparison is the thief of joy

The How To’s:

  • Creating a vision and finding people who would like to make it happen with you.
  • Reach out and connect, don’t ever fear a rejection or a ‘no’. Don’t let it make you feel defeated. There’s someone out there that wants to help eventually you will find the right person to do just that.
  • Meet up for coffee and go over your vision and how you’d like it to come together.
  • Make sure everyone is on the same page and their goals are being met.
  • Bring it all together have fun & share away!


If you have any tips on collaborating please feel free to share below in the comments, I love to hear more….


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Keisha lynne, xx


  1. Collaboration is so the thief of joy I always say that! It is so hard to stay centered but collaboration is def a better approach than competition.

  2. Awesome post and thank you for the summary! I\’m just starting my blogging journey and this is something I\’d like to do in the future, so thank you for the information!

  3. Keisha, from the time you were young you always had a knack for seeing the best in others and helping them shine… Helping others helped you be your \”better you\”. A win = win every time! Collaborating is a natural evolution for you who always wants to see the best for all!

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