Loving Littles Turns 1


Has it really been one year already!? Where has time gone, it’s true what they say ‘Time flies when your having fun!’ This month Loving Littles Turns 1! I really couldn’t be happier with the journey that lead me here to this day. Thanks to this blog I have been able to experience things I didn’t really see in my future. Things that I didn’t think would make me feel so great & help me learn so much about myself. It helped pave a new path in my adult hood as I entered the world of not only being a parent to one baby but to two!

I remember this same time last year… Ella was 8 months old, colic, cranky & breastfeeding. Owen 6 years and full of energy. Then on top of that a home to clean, food to cook & errands to run all while sleep deprived. I look back and think how the hell did I survive? still to this day, now working full time, I wonder the same thing!!! It just needed to be done. The powerful effects of being a mom! The biggest thing that got me through was writing, having those small moments to myself to express how I felt in writing and then eventually typing. I eventually felt intrigued to pull it all together and create Loving Littles! With no rhyme or reason, I knew that this was something I had to do if only for myself.

My biggest supporter, Drew. Always pushing me to do what I love and what makes me happy despite what others may think. LL has become a wonderful outlet, helping me distract myself from the craziness of life and focus on who I am and what I love to do. It’s my mom moment. Late at night when my littles sleep I indulge in pretty things, chatting with other moms & expressing myself!

It truly has been an amazing year. I feel blessed to have accomplished so much, to meet the many great people I have, to have so much support and so much love fills my heart up to the top! I really have to thank the countless amounts of shops, buisness’s, bloggers, friends & family who have supported me this past year, for always being there to help me & willing to do whatever, whenever! I can’t even count on both of my hands how many collaborations I’ve been apart of, that is what I’m most proud of! And not to even mention making the  Vancouver Mom Top 30 Mom Blogger list!! That blew me off my seat.

This month is full of surprises and I hope that you follow along and helping me celebrate. There will be lots, and I mean lots of giveaways happening so be sure to stay tuned!














This collaboration would not have been possible without every one listed below! Such a great evening especially since my littles tagged along and insisted on photo bombing each shot. And for some reason Ella had to carry my sandals and keys around the whole time. A few times actually trying to walk in the sandals! Never a dull moment, but also this is REAL LIFE….

Photos were taken by one of my favourites Vanessa Marie Studios, I thank my lucky stars for finding her. Always ready and willing to take part in any crazy idea I may have. She never disappoints with her amazing eye to take a beautiful photograph!



Location, well let me tell you if you haven’t visited Rowena’s Inn now is your chance! This summer take a nice day trip, enjoy lunch and walk around the beautiful acreage. Better yet stay a weekend!  It’s literally breathtaking!


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Shop Hunnis never disappoints & always offers the best in clothing. All of my outfits provided for this shoot was from Shop Hunnis! For either dressing day or night you can find all sorts of trendy pieces in store or online. Love, love, love everything this shop has!


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Thanks to Sequel Events for helping stage this shoot with pieces from White Tail Collections! Your help was incredibly appreciated, especially since I brought my littles along for the ride. The blueberries you provided we’re the best idea for a good distraction! If your ever in need of staging and need some quality help and ideas be sure to check out Sequel Events.


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Shops Included:

Gold Bar Necklace Mint & Birch  / Teething Necklace Mine & Ella’s Glitter & Spice / Watch Arvo Wear

Keisha lynne, xx




  1. Happy one year! As a fellow mom blogger, I\’d love to connect and talk about your experience this first year and the steps you\’ve taken to grow your blog! Feel free to email me if you\’d like to connect and talk blog!

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