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Confession moment… I’m not an asset in the kitchen! haha Don’t get me wrong, I make dinner for my family almost every night and I do an ‘ok’ job. But it’s definitely not my strongest aspect! Now baking, I can do! I love to bake. I do like to cook but every night gets me a little crazy. Drew, now that man can cook!

image-121When I first got wind of a Vancouver’s based buisness¬†The Soup Solution¬†I knew I had to get my hands on a bowl asap. Gayle Mcleod is the founder of The Soup Solution, representing products from Serious Soups. She’s created The Soup Solution in hopes to help other families with the age old question ‘What’s for dinner?’ My daily struggle!

The Soup Solution offers, delivers wholesome and delicious soups & sauces within the Lower Mainland. Their products are locally handmade with natural ingredients, conveniently frozen in family sized containers delivered right to your door.

Made with fresh, natural ingredients. Low sodium, no MSG or artificial preservatives. On their website you can find numerous dinner ideas & super easy recipes that all involve the different soups & sauces. Making it easy and quick for any night of the week. My family went ga-ga for the soups, we’re all in love with these delicious & wholesome easy to heat soups!! I don’t think I could ever be out of ideas after visiting The Soup Solution…

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