Thankful For My Man


Thankful For My Man

I have always tried really hard to show my appreciation for Drew. I will admit though, it’s not always easy. With our busy schedules and the family life blur, it get’s easy to forget. To me, it’s so important to hear those little words of gratitude. I love to hear them so why wouldn’t he right!? It’s uplifting and feels good to know that we care and recognize each other. I know, I’m all mushy and shit… This month we are celebrating our 13 year anniversary. I’m doing a lot of reflecting and realize we’ve been through soo much over the years. Some bad and a lot good, but we had to really fight our way through to get where we are today!

I love him so much! Since the first day I laid eyes on this annoying and relentless man. I really want to do what I can, so I’ve made up daily reminders of Why I’m Thankful For Him. Even when he’s being a dummy, he’s my partner in crime, my best friend! What little things are you thankful for?

  • Humour – He makes me laugh. You will hear laughter like you wouldn’t believe come out of me. I love our witty, ridiculously funny jokes. Thank you for dealing with my very high pitch, crazy lady laughter.
  • Listens – Drew often has selectional hearing. But he listens, he sits there and listens to my daily rants, and complaints. It feels good to vent to him.
  • Honesty – I don’t like to hear the truth, but sometimes it needs to be said, by someone. I love that we can be honest with each other without getting really mad at each other.
  • Always Making Sure There’s Coffee In The House!
  • Chivalry – It’s not dead. It may hide somedays, but it’s there in the little special things he does for me. Even if it is putting the toilet seat down!
  • Clothing Me – Who doesn’t love to unwind at the end of the day in your husbands oversized cotton tees and boxers? Ever since being hugely pregnant its become my favourite thing to wear. Thank you Drew for sharing your clothes with me.
  • Your Loyalty To Me!
  • Texting Love – Thank you for reading my 100 million daily bantering texts. Thank you for being so patient when I blow up your phone every day!
  • My Hair – My hair is so long, dark and annoying. It gets spread throughout the whole home including the bathroom! Thanks for being so cool and not shaving my head in the middle of the night.
  • Always Supporting Me!
  • Father Figure – Your an amazing dad, since the day Owen was born you’ve blown me away and it’s made my love for you even deeper! I love the way you love our kids.
  • Balance – We balance each other out. When I’m angry your calm. When your angry I’m calm.
  • Hard Work – Thank you for all the work you do to support our family. You work harder than any man I know and always willing to do more..
  • Date Nights – Thanks for always being up to having date nights in with movies and junk food. Thank you for always being patient with my 100 questions before the movies even started. And for not judging me when I eat a whole bag of chips to myself!
  • Loving Me – Thank you for always kissing me goodbye or telling me you love me every single day multiple times.
  • Being My Best Friend – Your my best friend. It really hits me when I’d rather bring you to something instead of one of my girlfriends. Although you may not enjoy every little silly thing I drag you to, thanks for humouring me until the end!




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